Gameplay Demo from PAX 2013

Knack Hands-On

Posted By: Andrew Stevens | September 3, 2013

Judging a book by its cover, Knack looks charming, from its gameplay to its story and titular character. But actually getting a chance to play it can significantly increase the charm and likability. Knack provides a casual and easy-going sensibility, yet it can still be very challenging. The simple combat mechanics are nice, with the dodge and attack set-up. But it is Knack’s special abilities that make the gameplay even better, providing variety when dealing with more difficult situations. The perfect time to unleash the power comes when the player is overwhelmed by a number of enemies, or a particularly strong enemy.

Knack’s special abilities are available once a charge meter is filled by smashing crystals. In the demo, crystals are scattered throughout the level and can be found pretty regularly, meaning that players can use the abilities often. I loved doing the super smash that destroyed enemies within a certain parameter, and a tornado that allowed me to spin over to any bad guy and whip him around.

Based on the demo and what I’ve seen from other videos, Knack has the potential to be one of the best PlayStation 4 launch titles that everyone – and I mean everyone – can love and cherish. With this game having such accessibility, yet moderate challenge , it’s too great to be ignored by anyone. I didn’t think my excitement for the game would continue to increase after the demo, as I was already very high on it. But it certainly did, and I can’t wait to play through the entire game.