Gathering More Details On Resogun

Interview with Housemarque

Posted By: Andrew Stevens | September 3, 2013

RESOGUN - PS4 - 0142

Note: This interview was conducted prior to my experience with the game at PAX Prime 2013.

RESOGUN - PS4 - 0032

I’m always about the shooters and getting high scores to be on top of the leaderboards. So, obviously I was excited to hear about Housemarque’s new game, Resogun. It looked exactly like my type of game from the video I saw, thus I knew I had to interview them to gather more details about the game.

PlayStation, I Love You: Resogun looks exactly like my kind of fun! Being an obsessive score-chaser, I’m always up for a good shooter. It’s great to see Housemarque working on another!

Housemarque: Glad to hear that :)

PSILU: Your love for shoot-em ups is apparent, thanks to the Stardust series. I also like hearing that Resogun isn’t just a spiritual successor to Stardust, but that it also features ideas gathered from playing games like DoDonPachi and Deathsmiles. What games do you think had the most impact on the creation process of Resogun?

HM: Stardust has been of course a great source of inspiration, as you can see from the videos some of the mechanics (the boost, for example) are taken directly from the Stardust series and modified to fit the new gameplay. We all love old retro classics, so two titles that greatly inspired RESOGUN are obviously Defender and Datastorm. However we see RESOGUN as its own experience: horizontal scrolling doesn’t necessarily mean this is a 2013′s update of any retro title – it’s inspired by classics, but it does so much more. That will be clear as soon as people manage to get a DualShock 4 in their hands.

RESOGUN - PS4 - 0142

PSILU: You’ve mentioned that it’s not just about shooting enemies in Resogun, that there are moments where the player must rescue people that are trapped to release power-ups and shields. Can you go into more detail about how this will work, and how it effects the way players will approach the game? Is it going to be a fast-paced rescue while taking heavy fire? I always enjoy a good strategy to a shooter.

HM: Yes, it’s pretty much like you said. There’s a lot of micromanagement going on in RESOGUN. Destroying certain waves of enemies will release these little dudes the player must save around then playfield. The ship can pick them up, and carry them to the rescue pods, where they turn into power ups. The problem is that the player must do that while keeping enemies at bay – they become more aggressive if not eliminated quickly – and making sure no enemy ship kidnap the people already released, effectively removing power ups from the stage.

PSILU: Speaking of strategy, what can you tell us about your scoring system? How will it work? We noticed that the multiplier is quite a bit different than it was in Stardust.

HM: The multiplier goes up if the player can kill the next enemy within 3 seconds from the last one. That makes using a bomb quite risky, because yes, it will save your ass, but at the same time it will clear most of the stage from the enemies you need to keep the score going.

PSILU: What has the PS4 hardware allowed you with Resogun to do that was not possible on the PS3?

HM: Each level is build by almost 200.000.000 voxels, the little cubes you see flying around in the screenshots. Each of them has independent lighting and responds realistically to physics… that means you can dismantle a level almost cube by cube. That kind of approach requires a PS4 if you want to run the game at 1080p and 60fps.

RESOGUN - PS4 - 0155

PSILU: Can you tell us one new thing about the game that you know fans will go crazy about?

HM: We have long term plans for RESOGUN, and we will do things with the game people are probably not expecting. Can’t say much more than that at this stage.

PSILU: Any final thoughts for your fans?

HM: Yeah: I think RESOGUN is the culmination of our expertise with shooters, and we’ve been working on them for more than 18 years now. Everyone out there: trust us, it’s gonna blow your mind.

If you haven’t yet, check out our hands-on impression of the Resogun demo at PAX 2013.